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Hong Kong, youth selection

John is a fashionable young man working in a foreign financial institution in the late 20's
The appearance is a very ordinary, youth that is everywhere

He is participating in recent Central Occupation Movement and subsequent activities seeking Hong Kong independence
Strictly speaking, he is not independent
But I think that Hong Kong should not be influenced politically and economically by the continent
I asked why John started to think so

John My family comes from the southern part of the continent
It was a town controlled by the KMT, about finance-related work. Families have escaped to Hong Kong for fear of that the Communist Party will take power and people involved in intellectuals and capitalists will be persecuted
Of course I myself was born in Hong Kong and brought up in Hong Kong
To be honest, the continents are rarely feel like home.
My "hometown" is Hong Kong
But I do not think that Hong Kong should be completely independent
Rather than being independent, I am thinking whether I can build a loose federation, coalition in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

There are not many people who are young people in Hong Kong who think that the continent is their home hometown
Rather, it seems to be a white cat as consciousness that he is a Hong Kong person is stronger
John, you one of them
I have never been to the "hometown" of my relatives, my relatives also have not been able to visit my hometown yet, afraid of persecution

John continues rather like another country
So, to be honest, I am not very interested in democratization of the continent and liberalization
A meeting is held every year on June 4, but some of the student groups have already begun to participate
It is more for us to threaten the freedom of Hong Kong than democratization of the continent

On June 4, annual memorial event of Tiananmen Incident
Participation by students and young people may decline in the future, because for them the democratization of the continent is no longer a major concern any longer

Since I am a volunteer of John religious groups, I am doing various activities for Christmas etc. for the poor people in Hong Kong and the senior citizens
You are more important to me

Young people like John are not uncommon
After the economic crisis, due to relaxing visas from the continent to Hong Kong, the buyers were overflowing and the landscape of the town changed completely
People in the continent who abandon garbage anywhere, do not keep toilet manners, and have money and buy everything that's coming back home
There are a lot of Hong Kong young people not hiding a strong antipathy

In addition, for young people, it is also a matter of complaint that housing prices are rising due to immigration from the continent and the flow of speculative funds each year and it is getting harder for young people to get married and to keep a new house more and more difficult
Originally Hong Kong with few flatlands, even that high-rise apartment building, building is not catching up at all

In the news we saw when the white cats returned, it seems that it was said that the population of Hong Kong will be 8.5 million in 10 years ... There are memories that I thought that tens of thousands are immigrated every year
As expected, this goal seems to have withdrawn, due to housing difficulties