Run to Hongkong ! China 1966

A man from a certain south was able to climb the national network of steelworks and succeeded in escaping to Hong Kong


The village of the hometown became a great disorder with the Cultural Revolution and can not plant crops

People in the village decided to escape to Hong Kong


However, at the time when food was scarce, food on hand will run out as we move forward

※ Note At that time, in addition to the planned economy, food could not be bought without food tickets and tickets

Chinese border guards are defending, and near the border they see a chance for days, but they have no skis at all


Finally, time has come to choose between

Give up the stowaway and give back to the village, go on betting, steal the liberty's eyes and get over the steel wire net of 2 meters in height

As a result of consultation, I decided to escape to Hong Kong at the rescue of death


Dawn, they moved closer to the barbed wire

However, it was discovered by the liberation army soldier

A soldier is holding a gun at a distance


stop! If you do not stop it will shoot!


This way I headed to here


He looks back on now

I did not understand where such power came from

I passed the clothes and climbed up the wire bar, I climbed to the top of 2 meters and left it to fall down


The soldiers came running, but since he had already entered Hong Kong, he was able to escape

But two friends caught them because they could not climb and they took me


Where I heard later, I was allowed to learn for a month

Nevertheless, after a few years, it means that two people have finally escaped to Hong Kong