CHINA 1966 Escape China ! Coming to Hongkong

Kang was a woman born in the south of China, 17 years old and has smuggled in Hong Kong

I entered the swimming department at school and said that he did not miss training for several hours everyday

It was exactly for that day, swimming to Hong Kong


One day when she reached the age of 17, KANG began to be confident that he could swim and cross the Shenzhen bay

So I decided to head for Hong Kong with my classmate boy

It takes a few days to walk from my hometown to the border


Beware that you can not find it, go out outside during the day, but as you walk through the main road even if it gets to the night, just slowly going through the mountain slowly


When entering the sea slowly at the border near Shenzhen, it is said that the area was dark and it felt terrible fear

KANG was still trying to escape from the continent, swaying out his energy and swimming out towards the other side


Because the liberation patrol ship passed by the way on the way, I lowered my head as much as possible and hid himself in the water

When I swam about half, the male friend I came with could not move

KANG took out a piece of a small Korean carrot that my mother gave me from around the bath and let him eat it


In this way I could swim for 6 hours and climb the shore of the other shore of Hong Kong


When Hong Kong police find two people, they said they bought bread and let them eat and comforted the two


That bread was the most delicious bread in my life


KANG looks back on this


Even though it was decades ago, KANG talking to me was overflowing with tears