Although I go on to college of engineering at university, I am released to the cows

Mr. Chan is in his 70's, a temperate eyes impressive man
Currently I live in a city in the coastal area of ​​China

Chan was born in a city suburb of southern China
When I was two years old, my father died when I caught a Japanese stronghold and then my mother relocated to the city center, relatives and relatives
Mr. Chan said that he was a poor but happy childhood

Fortunately I was able to continue my studies, I entered engineering department at university and became an engineer

But in 1966 the Cultural Revolution will begin
Until then, "knowledge molecule", Chan said that it was enviable by leaving the university
It was declared in the workplace, was charged with an innocent innocent innocent revolutionary crime and was released to rural areas

I was surprised
Although I left the engineering department of the university and became an engineer, it is said to be a cowarder in the village
Of course, I do not know how to keep a cow
I was at a loss what to do

Mr. Chan, who was designing a material production plant at the factory, will be driven to the rural village in Chubu
Like a lot of young people, it is frustrating to unfamiliar farming work, the cows says they are in trouble
More than anything, it is said that it was "distributed" to a work that has nothing to do with his specialty, and it was hard that the return prospect was not at all made

Downwards and persecution did not stop with intellectuals
Another person who has experienced Japanese learning experience, Mr. Wang, in his 70's
I worked as a leader at the factory site

One I was making a circle of hobbies with my friends at work
There is no such thing as going on a picnic on a bicycle, reading a book, etc. It is a game of such a good group
However, this was considered to be a rally and it was caught one day
Suddenly, I was put in a place like a prison or a detention center

However, in the case of Mr. Wan, this was a blessing

One afterwards, after listening to a colleague of the former workplace for a couple of years, the political struggle became fierce, the hanging up at work, the self-criticizing competition became intensified, people seemed to have committed suicide or escape
Although I was caught, in reality it was not that I could not see such a lot while being restrained
If I stayed at work as it was, it may have been dangerous

Mr. Chan, Mr. Wang, experienced people of the Cultural Revolution, until a couple of years ago contacted each other
It is said that they gathered in the park and talked about experiences
(Currently probably because the tightening of the lecture right is severe, it will be temporarily stopped)

Actually, in order to do this story, two people who came over to shopping and Hong Kong

Chang I am already old, I am not afraid of anything
You can catch it, but considering children and grandchildren, it is difficult to make free remarks on the continent
If there are people who can listen, I will come and talk to you anytime!

There was nothing less silly than the One Cultural Revolution, I hope the Communist regime will be over
It is because Hong Kong is here because we can say this

I heard that the revolution of the Cultural Revolution started on the continent, but now the tightening has become severe again

Time to listen to experiences is gradually getting lesser