CHINA 1966-1978

To the farm village with the Cultural Revolution

Yuan was 14 years old, first grader in junior high school and was released to rural areas for the first time
First three months, then three months
Furthermore, labor in rural areas is said to have been many times, not only this but also at least once a year from short term to long months until college graduation

YUAN Anyhow, it's hurrying, there is only steamed bread of corn everyday
So at the beginning all the people had contracted, but it gradually became bold
I steal chickens and chicken eggs owned by farmers and exchange them for candy at the village public shops
Since all the young people released to the rural areas are raised in urban areas, although life was painful, they were accustomed to luxury than rural areas. I wanted to eat the sweets at the shop, I wanted to eat, so stealily stealed the egg secretly in the middle of the night

At that time, the produced crops had to pay the determined amount to the country
Although the year of good harvest has come out, food is not enough in the village when paying to the national treasury in the case of bad crops

YUAN So, the elderly go to a "beggar" to a big town nearby for eating
I slip secretly out of the village in the middle of the night
However, it has been found almost and I will be self-criticized at the meeting, I have seen it many times
There is nothing I can eat, so I can not help it

Cultural revolution thoroughly destroyed the relationship of trust between people
Of 37 YUAN's elementary school classmates, three fathers committed suicide in 1966 alone. However, many families hiding suicide themselves also did not realize how many people actually lost their lives

YUAN The red guards who ramped just like that, I cried and disliked when I was released to rural areas. I went to see my friend's brother who departed by the train to go off, but when the train starts to move, the cry cries out that it is awful
And among those who were released, those married to rural people could not come back to the city forever. It is now.

Even without special reasons, in order to return, it was said that bribes, sometimes sexual demands were made on women because the permission of belonging production captains was required

Yuan When I went to my friend 's house, my older sister came out with a big stomach. She seems to have returned from the rural village, but her older sister is unmarried
My friend's parents were shy and did not put out any older sisters at all
And because the child born as it is, there is no family register as it is, so we had to give a large bribe to the family register

Destruction of the relationship of trust did not end only to people of society

An advertisement was also encouraged at the YUAN school
Even though it came back from rural areas and it was said that the civilization was ended in 1978, the old teacher was still being cleaned of the school's toilet
Standing on the podium is a former construction worker and a man who can hardly read letters. While teaching, with a long stick, I read aloud loudly in Mao Tse version, but if you are bad in reading, you strike a student with that stick
Even after entering university, if the teacher says the word democracy or freedom, it was widely prevalent for students to inform them immediately

The so-called "intellectuals" began to return to the former workplace since the 1980s, when Mr. Hu Yaobang became a leader

From 1966 when the YUAN Cultural Revolution began, the 12 years until 1978 when I felt it ended was a society with no human distrust and good
Our generation is extreme
Human being successfully advanced to the executive and human beings left behind by economic development and social change
Since I have not studied anything in my youth, I was first restructured in the economic development since the 1980s. 60% of my hometown classmates are unemployed. Moreover, I have been unemployed for 10 years and 15 years
There was a blank of education and I could not keep up with economic development

Furthermore, problems were also happening to those who became executives fortunately
I want to regain the lost youth, with such thought Wyro, embezzlement is not behind
The root of corruption was so deep that there was also a reason here that it was very difficult to clean out

YUAN There is a problem also in our children's generation
Because ourselves could not receive proper education, discipline and family education for children did not go well
Parents have difficulty living, and there is no time to care for discipline

After graduating from university, Mr. YUAN was able to obtain a scholarship and study abroad
I am determined to marry foreigners who I met and get rid of Chinese nationality
After that, after experiencing divorce, I will return to the coastal big city once, but after several years I decided to move to Hong Kong

YUAN I still do not know what is in the continent. One day suddenly, people like red guards may be killed and all may be taken
I am very scared.
Fortunately, since the apartment which we had in mainland China with the real estate boom went up, we sold it and we could buy a small house in Hong Kong

Still, it says that you may feel uneasy in Hong Kong where the influence of the continent is getting worse