china 1966


Yuan living in Hong Kong (pseudonym), 60s, female


Came from  a big city close to the inland desert area in China


Although it was a "border" between the Han people and foreigners since long ago, many Han people settled end of  the Qing Dynasty, Yusan family is also boing to Han


 Yusun's grandfather was a National Party member and had a considerably high position in the provinces




The Red Guard has come!


When Yuan was a junior high school student, the Cultural Revolution began in 1966


Q How did it start at the beginning?


Yuan  When I went to  school, there was a gathering, and it was said that I will do political activities


I will not study anymore, only everyday meetings


It gradually became more intensified, informing and hanging up people who do not like it


Some principals covered a triangle hat and spit out everyone else


Even a little, if it seems that there is a "capitalist" , no one channt escape




After a while, the Red Guards appeared to the town


Everyone is young, all are young




All property has been forfeited, even then it is not enough to dig up to the garden ...


They came to Yusan's house, too


The surroundings all know that it was a national party executive in the first place. Yusun's mother prepared everything that was worthwhile from the house, all that was going to be money, and gave it out silently


Among them, it is said that there were not a few things inherited from generation to generation


Red guards are still not satisfied, they screamed that they should be hidden in the garden and wall


I dig up the garden and broke the wall


My mother really gave it all out so there is nothing to hide


I say that I did not feel alive until the Red Guards gone away


Still he says Yuan's house is still lucky




In the house of Yuan relatives, my uncle was beaten, property and furniture were all deprived, and my uncle was not able to recover mentally afterwards


The Red Guards are supposed to have collected the forfeited property in a predetermined place


I have also heard that some of them have been privatized since then.


Of course, even now, damage has not been paid at all




And to the rural village, to see the poverty which I have not seen


Yuan After that, I decided to go to a rural area this time


At the time of the Cultural Revolution the students who attended school were released to rural areas and engaged in agricultural work and construction work


I went to a rural village near my hometown


The village was particularly poor, and the wife of a farmer stayed home all the time because there are no clothes to wear outside. Even though she's pretty close to naked, I did not have any money to buy clothes


In rural areas, food was running out of lots of food from urban areas, and I was always hungry




At the time of Yuan, the diet of the urban area was eaten at least once, but it was never blessed


For example, coon that can be taken at my hometown and sweet potatoes that can be taken in the neighboring provinces, now they will buy and sell to each other and will line up in the market in no time


But at that time, it was forbidden to capitalize on making money and doing business


Even if sweet potatoes are rich in the province next door, it did not reach us easily


Fortunately, when I was able to buy one, my parents baked it for our siblings, cherished it sweetly, carefully and carefully ate it carefully




Although I am a student, I do not study, all my classes are politics, politics


For several years, I could not study at all like studying


Initially, what we call political meeting, activity was "study"


The man who became the leader there, can not read the letters, just let us and the farmers do what I said above


But since I do not know what will happen if I go against it, everyone kept silent and obeyed




Having struck a school teacher with everyone, even at home, having told bad things to their parents


Tears come out even though I remember now






Upon completion of the civilization, Mr. Yuan returned home, aiming for going to university which was a long-awaited hope


Just because my grandfather was the Kuomintang Party "Better" Euan was admitted to the university since I was 23 years old


At that time I did not hesitate and majored in a foreign language




Yuan I want to go out someday, I want to absolutely want, I thought so, I chose a foreign language


I studied desperately because I was going on to college after I was late


I would like you to return the time in rural villages, before and after that, when I was not able to wear knowledgeable knowledge




And Ms. Yuan goes abroad and finally chooses to live in Hong Kong


In the next article, I will follow the life of Yuan, why I did not return to my country